Best Tattoo Hashtags for Instagram

Best Tattoo Hashtags for Instagram – 2022 Strategy Guide

There is no quick and easy hack for IG's algorithm. The key is doing everything you can correctly.

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Growing your account is more complex than just using the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram. First off let me just say, if you’re using any sort of bot program to get more likes followers remove it immediately. These will damage your account more than you think. If you’re using a post planner like Later, you’re absolutely fine. If you’re not using Later, you might want to check it out because it has a built-in feature to help find the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram on every post you do.

Secondly, this strategy guide is designed to get you, CLIENTS. Most of the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram are localized hashtags. If you’re looking to become a massive online account with 100K+ followers, I say good luck to you. You have to be producing top tier tattoos consistently to produce a following like that.

Understanding The Algorithm

Before we talk about the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram, we have to talk about the algorithm first. It’s designed to show users what they want to see and promote interaction. We’re going into 2022 now and one thing hasn’t changed; the more interaction you can get, the more people you reach. Let me repeat that: the more interaction you can get, the more people you reach. So, ultimately you want to create engaging content! Anything that gets them to interact with it goes beyond just likes and comments. Stories that create engagement through a variety of the little things, this is why IG offers polls, Q+A’s, sliders, and consistently more features.

This means the simple strategy of posting 1 good tattoo a day is the bare minimum you need to be doing. You need to be creating as much content as possible, that’s engaging. It’s a balancing act between engagement and spamming your followers. Because if you overdo it and nobody engages with your content, then Instagram’s algorithm is going to bury you below the accounts that get quality engagement.

Finding the optimal point of engagement takes a little bit of testing. Luckily, if your IG is set up as a business account there are some data that can help. The most important piece is the time of day and the day of the week. Figuring out what time to post your content is the best way to get more engagement. This is different for every account so that’s why it is important to check your own data.

Common Mistakes For Generating The Best Tattoo Hashtags for Instagram

Okay so now that you understand the algorithm a little bit better, let’s get into some common mistakes I see. Too often, I see tattooers just use the hashtags with #tattoo, #tattooartist, and #(subject)tattoo. Then they use these same hashtags over and over. That’s a big mistake because everyone (including IG) knows that variety is the spice of life! Instagram views account the same few hashtags over and over as being spammy. A good way to get around using the same hashtags over and over is to create a few lists to use and rotate them.

Another big mistake when it comes to using #tattoo, #tattooartist, and other very popular keywords is that there’s too much action going on in those! These are not the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram because you have much less of a chance of becoming a popular post. There are so many people posting to them so the key to a good keyword list is finding more niche keywords. This helps your post remain visible for longer and you have a higher chance of being featured on other profiles.

The biggest mistake I see is that tattooers make no effort to use any localized strategy. Remember, the goal is to get more clients and the algorithm shows people what they want. The algorithm is also smart enough to figure out proximity and recommend users in the same proximity. This is my secret sauce that helps transforms accounts from getting just likes to actual clientele. Just remember to also include your location in the post itself too!

List of the Best Tattoo Hashtags for Instagram

Let’s finally get into the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram. You can use up to 30 hashtags and I recommend using all 30. However, I’d say rotating your hashtags is more important than using 30 different ones. When coming up with 30 hashtags, the best approach is to use what’s referred to as the “funnel strategy:”

  • 15 – Low Volume Hashtags (Under 100,000 posts)
  • 10 – Medium Volume Hashtags (100,000-1,000,000 posts)
  • 5 – High Volume Hashtags (1,000,000+ posts)
how to search the best tattoo hashtags on instagram
If you’re wondering how to find these numbers, just searching a hashtag on Instagram will tell you.

In addition to the “funnels strategy,” there are three types of hashtags you should be including on all your posts. These are:

  • Local Hashtags – This is how you get legitimate followers that become clients.
  • Descriptive Hashtags – These are how you keep that variety and rotate which hashtags you use
  • Industry Hashtags – These are the most standard hashtags you can come up with, they also tend to be the highest volume.

This list is going to be created by a tattoo artist based in Providence, Rhode Island who specializes in traditional tattooing. Let’s pretend this is the picture they’re going to post:

I’m going to come up with as many keywords as possible for each category so that way you can see how it’s possible to rotate them and pick your hashtags appropriately. This is to demonstrate how you create the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram in your own style.

Location Hashtags

#newengland (6.4M)
#rhodeisland (3M)
#providence (1.5M)
#providenceri (197K)
#newenglandartist (62.3K)
#providencerhodeislan (39.5K)
#rhodeislandartist (25.6K)
#newenglandart (18.1K)
#newenglandtattoonetwork (15.4K)
#rhodeislandtattoo (10.7K)
#newenglandtattoo (5K)
#rhodeislandtattoer (1K)
#rhodeislandtattoos (1K)
#providencetatto (1K)

You can also use other professions tied to specific locations. Because who actively uses #rhodeislandtattooer other than tattooers?

Descriptive Hashtags

#flowers (200M)
#traditionaltattoo (6.8M)
#rosetattoo (3.3M)
#flowertattoo (3.1M)
#hibiscus (2.1M)
#traditionaltattoos (1.5M)
#traditionalartist (1M)
#thightattoo (637K)
#flowertattoos (251K)
#hibiscusflower (231K)
#traditionaltattooing (164K)
#thightattoos (73.1K)
#hibiscustattoo (34.1K)
#flowertattoodesigns (17.4K)
#thightat (15.9K)
#thightattoosforwomen (5K)

Industry Hashtags

#tattoo (141M)
#tattoos (63.5M)
#inked (38.5M)
#tattooartist (19.2M)
#tattooart (16.8M)
#tattooideas (5.1M)
#tattoosofinstagram (2.9M)
#tattooinspirtation (2.2M)
#tatooworld (1.1M)
#skinart (1.1M)
#tattootime (857K)
#tattoosociety (701K)
#tattooartwork (602K)
#tattooculture (594K)
#tattos_of_instagram (584K)
#tattoers (275K)
#inkmasters (132K)
#tattedlife (99.6K)
#tattooarts (85.4K)
#tattedskin (83.1K)

More Helpful Tips

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck using these best tattoo hashtags for Instagram there are a few more things you can do. If you’re looking for interaction you also have to interact with yourself! This means responding to comments and engaging with other profiles. Even if you have the most incredible work and the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram, it does nothing if you’re posting and leaving. After you post try to stay on Instagram for at least 30 minutes and engage with other profiles as much as possible. The first 30 minutes after posting is the most crucial moment for determining if your post will spread across the network.

If you really want to take your social media presence to the next level it goes beyond posts, stories, engaging, and using the best hashtags for Instagram. You want to utilize the most recent features that IG hast to offer like the Shop, Reels, or IGTV. You will instantly get more exposure this way because the algorithm wants people to see these new features. An additional benefit is that not too many profiles are going to be using these features. So get ahead while you can!

Edit 7/18/21: Instagram’s founder said that IG is no longer a photo-sharing app, meaning Reels and IGTV are going to be essential for your social media growth from this point on

Get A Customized Instagram Strategy Guide For Your Profile!

If you’re looking for more assistance coming up with the best tattoo hashtags for Instagram, DOS-M can help. We specialize in marketing as well as many other things and prioritize tattooers above all other clients. Please visit our tattoo page to learn more about these benefits or schedule a free consultation and we can help provide some ideas.

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