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Elementor Landing Page Builder – 2021 – Honest Review

The new Elementor landing page builder has me a little confused, Elementor is my favorite page builder available but this new feature doesn't excite me.

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The new featured Elementor landing page builder is something that I appreciate but don’t foresee using personally. In my opinion, they could have just added more templates to their library but instead, they’ve gone with a new feature that’s still in its beta.

Elementor Landing Page Builder Prior To 2021

Prior to 2021, there was no designated Elementor landing page builder in the plugin. You would just build a landing page like any other page on your website and utilize Elementor’s templates as well as the drag and drop editor the plugin is famously known for.

This is something a lot of people were happy with as there are quite a bit of articles talking about how useful Elementor was for building landing pages on your website.

What Does The Update Bring?

This most recent update, 3.1, came out at the end of January with a lot of new things in Elementor. Most of the new features have to be enabled in the Elementor settings including the page builder. Some other features are:

  • Elementor Experiences
  • Compatibility Tag
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • and a few other things

Concerns With The Elementor Landing Page Builder

Why Did They Put It There?

To get to the landing page builder, it’s located under Templates along with the popup builder. This isn’t beneficial to me as my workflow is generally through the pages. It has fewer features compared to building a landing page on an actual page.

Admittedly their reason is, “you’ll be able to save time by quickly accessing all your landing pages as fast as two clicks” My thought is that it’s located in this part of the backend because the landing pages that are meant to be designed are temporary or for limited purposes. For example, an event would need a landing page. If you have a site with 50+ pages, it might be troublesome to add one more for an event landing page. Having a separate section for this purpose would make sense to me.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that some of the landing page templates are only available in the Elementor landing page builder. My speculation is that these extra templates might have potential bugs in them, which is why they are still in beta to test.

Using The Elementor Page Builder

Personally, most of the landing pages that I build are designed for the long term and have some SEO incorporated into them. The initial task that I thought would be good to test the landing page builder out with was a redesign of my PPC landing page for Tattoo Artist Websites. This time around, I wanted to be orientated with SEO compared to a blog post so that way organic traffic got the full landing page experience as well. I quickly created the page and as I went to set the URL, I realized I couldn’t set a parent page to it.

However, a couple of days later, my podcast co-host and I were reviewing the recent update and wanted to test the elementor landing page builder live on a stream.

The second time around using the landing page builder was significantly better because I knew what to expect and the limited applications of it. I will say, their new templates are so much better than the previous ones.

Overall Opinion of the Elementor Landing Page Builder In 2021

I think the templates that they brought in this new feature are incredibly useful. However, I think the landing page builder is an unnecessary feature for my use. I would have been perfectly happy with just getting more templates to choose from.

I do see the Elementor landing page builder useful in certain scenarios. I foresee myself using it on occasion when it gets released officially, but for now, I’ll continue using regular pages.

Check out Elementor here!

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