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Google MyBusiness Is The Most Important Tool For Tattoo SEO in 2021

Tattoo SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy but with Google MyBusiness your chances are better for ranking sooner.

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When it comes to appearing on the front page of Google, shops and artists have to understand tattoo SEO in order to rank properly. The most cost-effective and easiest solution to appearing in first-page search results is to utilize Google MyBusiness.

Google MyBusiness (GMB) is a profile you can create that lets Google knows that your business exists. Whenever you use Google Maps you will see businesses stand out on there, because they each have a GMB that is registered to that address.

What is Tattoo SEO?

Tattoo SEO (search engine optimization) is an organic digital marketing strategy used to target searches on the first page of Google. Organic digital marketing is where you use no paid advertising to achieve this goal. There are two ways to go about tattoo SEO:

  1. Optimize your Google MyBusiness profile for SEO in the map pack
  2. Optimize a website for SEO to rank in the listings

Optimizing a website for SEO is much harder to do because there is more that goes into it like domain authority, backlinks, content hierarchy, keyword relevancy, and page performance. Plus there’s everything that exists with Google MyBusiness listings.

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Example MyBusiness Profile

Keyword Research for Tattoo SEO

The first step of SEO is to research what keywords are being used by people searching your services on the web. It is important to do this because not every location has keyword opportunities. For example, there are a variety of searches like “tattoo shops near me,” “traditional tattoo artists,” “tattoo studios near me,” etc. It’s important to know which ones are being searched the most in your area to target users effectively.

Since it’s important to only get data in your service area, I recommend using Google Keyword Planner, a “free” tool from Google Ads. You don’t need to be running ads to use the tool. If you are running ads though you will get more data available.

Tattoo artists get a free initial strategy session where I provide a complimentary keyword guide as part of it. Here is an example of one I did for The Black Rose Tattoo Company. Select Keyword Optimizaitons to see what I uncovered for them.

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Competitive Market Research

Once you know what keywords are the best to use, it’s important to check how competitive they are. I like to go after low-hanging-fruit. These are keywords that are getting searched a little less but have no competition on them.

I use the top searched keywords from Google Keyword Planner and search from AN INCOGNITO WINDOW* with a free tool that lets you search from any location called Bright Local Search. This allows you to accurately identify what a potential client’s search results might be.

* An incognito window is crucial because your search results change off your previous search history. If you have your own website, most likely the results will be skewed to show that first.

How Do You Set Up Google MyBusiness for Tattoo SEO?

After you’ve found your keywords next is the important part of optimizing for tattoo SEO on your Google MyBusiness page. There is an advantage to profiles/websites that have been around for longer so the sooner you do this the better off your business will be.

Basic Information

Filling out with all your basic information on everything asked by Google is an important part of ranking on Google. Do not allow a single spot to miss details. Wherever you can include your tattoo SEO keyword is beneficial to do so. If you can get clients to leave a review with your most searched keywords, it will only help your profile.

Geotagging Photos

Since you’re trying to rank to searches in a specific location, then it’s important for Google’s algorithm to recognize your location. You can do this by changing the metadata over your photos’ GPS coordinates. (Yes, your photos are GPS tagged usually.)

I use GeoImgr to geo-tag my photos and optimize for tattoo SEO keywords.

The Importance of Citations for Tattoo SEO

Citations are essentially verifications of you are who you say you are by looking for other profiles of your on reputable websites like Facebook, Yelp, etc. You can view your citations here at Moz to see what needs to be fixed.

Set Up Scheduling

There are very few tattoo shops I see taking advantage of virtual scheduling. By utilizing all aspects of Google MyBusiness you have the best opportunity for tattoo SEO. So at the very least use a free virtual calendar to schedule tattoo consultations once a week.

Check out our other blog where we recommend The Best Tattoo Scheduling Software 2021

Personally, we use calendly to schedule free discovery calls, feel free to book a time with me to discuss building out a calendar scheduling system for your shop. We optimize systems as well as GMB profiles here at DOS-M.

Need Help With Tattoo SEO?

As mentioned throughout we specialize in digital optimizations for tattoo artists. Whether you need help with tattoo SEO or something else. Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss our free digital strategy guides at the link here: calendar.dos-m.com

Here is an example of a client we worked with to improve their new GMB profile. As you can see their business appears in the most relevant searches for them in their area.

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