Greatest Tattoo Scheduling Software Recommendation – Calendly 2021

If you're not using some sort of tattoo scheduling software, you mine as well rub two sticks together to start a fire. Going back and both in a conversation trying to find a time that works best for both of you is outdated. That's why Calendly is the perfect solution for all tattooers.

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If you want to schedule a discovery call with me you can visit my calendar.dos-m.com link any day, night, or time zone and choose a time that works best for us to talk. Calendly is my favorite tattoo scheduling software because it does one thing well: scheduling.

I will admit that Calendly works best for those who already utilize Google Calendar. If you’re not currently using a calendar in your business (which would be really weird?) then you can get away with almost any scheduling software.

tattoo scheduling software with calendly

Why Do I Recommend Calendly As A Tattoo Scheduling Software?

With all the tattooers I’ve worked with, I’ve been exposed to a few different software that is reliable. For example, an all-in-one solution is Wix. There’s scheduling, a website, virtual store, automations, and a CRM all in one place. I also had a partnership with a tattoo scheduling app at one point. These were excellent alternatives to Calendly but in my opinion, Calendly is the best solution for tattooers of all different levels. It’s perfect for scalability at an affordable place.

The problem with software is that you become somewhat married to it and as things change over time, you hope that the software still works best for you. The best tattoo scheduling software is something you can use no matter what. That’s why I love Calendly, it allows you to start small with a free plan as an individual. If your needs are a little more robust you could use it for an entire shop of artists!

Calendly’s Cost of Tattoo Scheduling Software

tattoo scheduling software pricing with calendly
Calendly’s pricing as of 7/31/21

Who Is The Free Version Of Calendly For?

When it comes to Calendly, the free version is enough for somebody dipping their toes in the water. Keep in mind it limits your ability what you can really do with the software but certainly gets the job done as tattoo scheduling software. Even for the start of my business, I used the free version because it was the most cost-effective solution. I used it simply to set up 30min consultations with potential clients. That’s the same exact strategy I recommend to tattoo artists.

Save your calendar link for people who show legitimate interest and aren’t just wasting your time. Setting up a virtual conversation is a lot more convenient for the client instead of visiting the shop. By being one of the few artists that does this, you can make this an upsell to clients. For example, you can say that a virtual conversation is another $50 on top of the tattoo cost as well. By creating more value for the customer, you can charge more for things like this.

Who Is The Paid Version Of Calendly For?

At $12/user per month it’s one of the most affordable tattoo scheduling software available even with a premium account.

If you’re going to get the paid version, you mine as well get the highest tier for the additional customizations. The paid version is best for shops and artists that want to do little office work and automated systems. With the paid version, you get multiple calendars instead of just one which is perfect for having different time lengths available. For example, you can have consultation calendars and 1/3/5/7 hr sessions available for what makes the most sense for the appointment.

When you’re at this level of automation you mine as well go all the way and have notification reminders about appointments, the ability to accept deposits, and create any follow-up automation you’d like. The paid version allows for all of this, so you can think about designs instead of scheduling appointments and managing clients.

Just beware, the cost goes up dramatically for each user on the plan, so it’s always my recommendation to use one shared account if it’s a shop.

The Additional Perk Of Tattoo Scheudling Software

google mybusiness for tattoo seo

As talked about in my blog, Google MyBusiness Is The Most Important Tool For Tattoo SEO in 2021, having tattoo scheduling software will only benefit your GMB profile.

How To Set Up Calendly As Your Own Tattoo Scheduling Software

If you’re looking to use calendly as your own tattoo scheduling software there’s no better place to start by checking out Calendly’s very own resources. If you’re looking for assistance setting this up by a professional, we have the ability to customize a system that works around your workflow. Just set up a time with us on our scheduler: calendar.dos-m.com Additionally, we provide 1-on-1 recorded video tutorials if you’re looking to learn how to do this yourself!

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