Tattoo Shop Websites – 3 Tricks To Take Advantage Of

Optimizing for the user on your website is the guaranteed to way to boost inquiries. Here's the top three tricks I recommend to tattoo artists to improve their websites.

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Tattoo shop websites that I have seen across the web do very little to optimize for the user experience. Too many of them look like they were built when the internet first learned about web design, and often don’t work on mobile devices. If you already have a website and it doesn’t look good on mobile, take care of that first before reading this.

For those who take into consideration their customer’s experience, these few tricks can help lead to more people reaching out for your work. Tattoo shop websites are something I specialize in as a web-designer so here are the three most important tricks I can offer to separate you from the competitions.

Utilize All Forms Of Contact Methods

Everybody is a little bit different when it comes to how they like to reach out for an appointment. If you are looking to get more clients, you don’t want to limit them to just an email or DM. I know many artists like to create a hurdle to make sure only serious inquiries come through but you can take advantage of automations for this.

Here are my recommendations for getting the most leads possible. Keep in mind with a website, you can turn these on and off anytime. So when your books are closed, there can be a message displayed that says, “Join our mailing list to be notified when we’re scheduling again.” This creates the additional opportunity to generate a mailing list for when business is slow or you ever decide to launch merch!

  • Have a form available to fill out on the website
  • Include a phone number for people to call and text
  • Allow people to reach out via email or DM
  • Create an online scheduler for people to book consultations
  • Feature a FB messenger chat option
tattoo artist websites contact example
You’ll notice on my website’s contact page I offer a variety of methods for people to get in touch with me. Personally, I don’t like using FB messenger but it’s something I’ve installed on client websites,

With automations like an autoresponder, you can have a message that gets sent out to potential customers for everything you need them to do before you respond to their inquiry. For example, the online scheduler can be approved or declined so that way if they don’t answer all your questions, the appointment doesn’t get booked. This way you can pre-qualify your clients without losing out on opportunities by creating barriers.

Tattoo Shop Websites NEED Professional Photos

Improve Your Portfolio

The difference is night and day between a professional camera and the latest phone. The extra definition in those photos creates a professional appearance. If you’re looking to take your portfolio to the next level this is the easiest way to do so. Almost all tattoo shop websites look the same, doing something like this elevates your appearance dramatically. Plus, professional photos work a lot better for the header or featured images on a website than the photo from your phone does.

If you’re known for coverups, then you need to utilize before and after sliders on your website. These are the best way to show your capabilities in a side by side comparison, where you can slide the image back and forth to see the difference directly.

Your Shop Is A Selling Point

Taking professional photos is also especially important if you’re looking to showcase your workspace. The main goal of a website is to build trust and credibility. First and foremost, your work is going to be the most important factor in this. However, everything else you include contributes to this as well.

Let’s be honest tattoo shops are rad, they are filled with a collection of artists’ tastes and styles. Taking a few professional photos to show people what your shop looks like is one of the little things to elevates your value as a shop and artist. Tattoo shop websites should be similar to their shop and represent their work effectively.

tattoo artist websites professional shop photo example
Notice the detail and appearance of this photo, it’s levels above anything you’ll capture on your phone. It also shows a bit of the personality of the artist. This helps build trust and credibility with a potential client.

Videos Work Far Better Than Photos

It’s no secret in the web design world that videos help boost conversion rates. It creates a whole new level of credibility by having a professional video featured on your website. Even if you hate being on video, something simple like a b-roll of your tattooing is just as effective. So, if you’re really trying to take your site to the next level. This is the way to do so!

Don’t Put A Focus On Your Social Media

I get in arguments all the time with my clients about this. Tattoo shop websites love to put a link to their Instagram page front and center. I know from data and experience that if you put an emphasis on your social media instead of your website, users are going to leave to that. This is a problem because social media is designed to suck users in, it’s not built for getting clients. I will admit it’s a great alternative for users that aren’t ready to reach out at that moment, they can follow your page until they’re ready for an appointment.

If you’re going to put an emphasis on your social media, then the most important thing to remember is always to make sure it opens in a new window. This is more important for desktop users than mobile, but it has its benefits still. The idea is that if a user gets distracted from the temptations of social media, they will come back to your site after the session. As compared to opening social in the same window, they’re less likely to go back to where they before and ultimately forget what they were doing originally. It sounds silly, but the data doesn’t lie!

We Specialize In Tattoo ShopWebsites

If you’re looking for assistance in building a professional website, DOS-M can help. We specialize in tattoo shop websites and prioritize tattooers above all other clients. Please visit our tattoo page to learn more about these benefits or schedule a free consultation to go over your ideas.

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