the best tattoo shop websites do these two things

The Best Tattoo Shop Websites of 2021 Do These Two Things

The best tattoo shop websites do these two things: imagery & user experience. The attention to detail they put in their site helps build trust that they can do the same for their client's requests.

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After analyzing over 100’s of sites for clients, the best tattoo shop websites always have professional imagery and sites optimized for the user experience. I mean above all the work must speak for itself but it helps if it’s done professionally. Meaning, the best tattoo shop websites always have exceptional visuals on their site. However, what really separates the pack are the websites that work on all devices. Too often, tattoo shop websites have these insane visuals but the site doesn’t work and things look off.

The Best Tattoo Shop Websites Are Those Who Put A Priority On Aesthetics

Aesthetics are everything when a customer is browsing for a tattoo. If the shop can’t put a cohesive design together on their website, how can somebody trust their vision will be how they want? The primary goal of a website is to get clients but that comes after trust and credibility are built. First impressions have a huge impact on that trust level. The best tattoo shop websites optimize for this.

Utilizing high-definition video, photos, or graphics elevates the appearance of a website dramatically. It’s like I tell clients when I build a website, “What separates a good website from a great website is the imagery chosen.” The reason for this is because it allows you to keep a cohesive theme throughout. When it’s done by a professional it shows attention to detail and putting a priority on your professional image.

“What spereates a good website from a great website is the imagery chosen.”

Affordable Ways To Generate Professional Content?

Utilize Your Own Art

If you’re familiar with any Adobe programs, you can create your own backgrounds or themes for a website. For example, I had a client that needed assistance with their Wix website. So, on their booking and faq pages, there is flash art in order to create a theme on these pages. This was a simple cost-effective solution that works much better than the plain black background the client originally requested. It’s not hard to be one of the best tattoo shop websites in your area if you put a little more personalized detail in it.

best tattoo shop websites custom art example
example of custom art created by a client for a website

Trade Work With A Photographer/Videographer

If you don’t have the eye for beautiful photography or a professional camera to use, this is your next best option. Almost everyone is a photographer nowadays so it’s not hard to find somebody to take pictures of your shop. This is so valuable for you and your shop as mentioned in my 3 Tricks For Tatoo Shop Websites blog. So it’s definitely possible to justify the cost of paying somebody, who enjoys taking pictures, $100 to hang around for a couple of days.

Here is an example of a client of mine, The Black Rose Tattoo Company. They utilize professional photos taken to create a cohesive look on their website. Technically, you could get away with some iPhone shots but the real difference is the clarity when images come from professional cameras. This is because so many different devices access a website and as devices become more HD the image quality matters more and more.

If you’re trying to have one of the best tattoo shop websites, the personal touch of being able to see faces goes a long way in building trust. This is why I never recommend using stock imagery for your own shop’s site.

tattoo artist websites professional shop photo example

It’s Got To Work To Be One Of The Best

Luckily, the bar is pretty low when looking at tattoo shop websites. If a person searches “tattoo shops near me,” I guarantee that they will see at least three shitty websites that have a bug or visual error somewhere on the site. The most common issues I see are that it doesn’t work on mobile, works specifically for one device, or aren’t up-to-date with artists on the site.

example of a website that has clear bugs and missing content on the page

The best tattoo shop websites are the ones that actually work perfectly for the user experience. They create clear pathways to find more information to their questions/concerns, portfolios of artists to see who would align best with their idea, and being able to get in contact with somebody about scheduling a consultation or appoints.

For example on The Black Rose Tattoo Company website’s home page, there are two immediate pathways presented to the user. This is important because this is a shop that does tattoos and piercings so it’s important both of these options are easy to find upon entering. When a user chooses either tattoo or piercing they are presented with a combined portfolio, information about the service, and links to each artist’s profile. On any artist profile, there is a personalized contact form to the specific artist, styles offered, availability, Instagram feed, and reviews mentioning that artist. Everything that a user could need to know is optimized for them on the website.

best tattoo shop websites have pathways example

Here are a few websites that I personally did not create but recognize as some of the best tattoo shop websites with excellent user experiences.

Need Help Creating One Of The Best Tattoo Shop Websites?

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