A 2020 Special

Cyber Monday became cyber month

Tattoo Website Design & More

DOS-M specializes in tattoo artist websites but can offer a variety of digital capabilities for the industry. Whether that’s simplifying your workflow through systems, or getting more clients through Google Ads. There are a variety of ways to utilize digital opportunities. Below are some specials we are offering for the month of November as part our Cyber Month Promotions.

From November 1st to the 30th, these three specials are available. Just sign up before the end of the month and we’ll honor this pricing. 

Customized Systems

$ 500 Training and setup included
  • We'll analyze your work flow and build systems and automations around it to improve efficiency and keep things simple for you.

Single Page Website

$ 1000
  • Built on any web design platform
  • Template or custom options
  • Upgradeable for the future
  • Basic SEO included


$ 750 Two months of ads management included
  • If you're looking to get more clients searching for a tattoo. AdWords search campaigns are one of the biggest opportunities for tattoo artists.

Common Questions

If you have any questions of your own, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Primarily, I use WordPress to build most of my websites. It’s the industry standard because of how truly customizable it is. Additionally, I use a plugin called Elementor that takes the simplicity of drag and drop editing like Square Space or WIX and brings it to WordPress.

Square Space and WIX aren’t necessarily bad though. They just limit my capabilities as a web designer. Square Space has done some aggressive marketing campaigns to really be known as the go to self-service web design platform. However, I’d argue that Wix gives you more value compared to Square Space. 

Regardless, they all work very well if you’re just looking to build a one page site to establish some sort of web presence. If you’re looking to be set up for the future I would go with WordPress.

I work with all types of creative entrepreneurs but I prioritize tattoo artists above all other clients. I am specifically niched in the tattoo industry for the reason of specialization. 

If you are interested in learning some of the benefits that tattoo artists get from working with me, please visit this page

AdWords is the advertising platform specifically for Google and its search partners. Since most searches on the web happen on Google, this is the most important marketing channel in my opinion.

I’ve become known as a Google Ads guru from previous clients. Although, I am known for a lot of specialties this might be my strongest skill along with user experience. 

I offer three different packages that tattoo artists get an exclusive 10% discount on. If you are interested learning more about these, please visit my Services page.

I also do custom quotes for any project within my capacities as a digital  marketer. Just schedule a free consultation for what you’re looking for. 

I built my business around a variety of free systems to use across the web. This allows me to spend more time actually getting work done, and less time having to manage all the little things.

I go over your workflow and identify pain points for you as well as your clients. Then I implement the system that works best for you and your situation. Since I enjoy testing new systems regularly, the options are really endless.


Digitally Optimized Systems to Marketing is an agency that helps tattoo artists and shops through a variety of digital aspects. Whether that is developing an automated workflow, designing a website, or creating a marketing campaign. There’s a variety of ways DOS-M can help simplify things for you and your clients. 


Virtual systems simplify your workflow by automating basic tasks.


Websites are the new standard nowadays, it's a sign of professionalism.


There's more to marketing than just being on social and having a website.

For a limited time, any tattoer who schedules a consultation will get a customized hashtag strategy guide for their Instagram profile!