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We believe systems, websites, and marketing are the key to digital success. In order to celebrate this digital “holiday,” we’re offering our most insane promotions for a limited time! These are what we consider the essentials to get started in any category. 


$ 600 Buy One Get One Free
  • Unlimited stage automations
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • More than just Zapier

Single Page Site

$ 750
  • Built on WordPress
  • Basic SEO included
  • Expandable for the future
  • Based on an exsiting template
  • User-friendly editing experience
  • Complimentary pixel installations
50% Off

Marketing Magic

$ 500 Like why miss out on this?
  • Rarely do we ever offer promotional discounts but seeing how this is a special occasion... we're biting the bullet on this one!
80% OFf

A Limited Time Offer

Special Promotions Each Week

Systems 11/6 - 11/12

Automate your routines with BOGO zaps, we can help identify what's possible!

Websites 11/13 - 11/19

$750 website templates, what you see is what you get! Basic SEO included.

Marketing 11/20 - 11/26

Dip your toes in the water with 50% off all standard pricing for marketing campaigns

Cyber Monday 11/28

Free Keyword Reports

Since 75% of all digital marketing is based on keyword research, we’re offering that insight for free! This is an excellent opportunity for those to

Know what keywords/phrases to prioritize

Understand the digital viability of your market

Find new potential opportunities 


I’m so glad you asked, let’s get into it:

  • It’s typically the only promotion DOS-M runs each year
  • We’re all things digital and cyber is in the name
  • DOS-M’s pricing continuously increases on a month-to-month basis so we’re not getting any cheaper

Each project from Cyber Month will be served first come first serve. There are no official start dates. 

No, you can request an invoice for any service at any point in time. Just keep in mind that the services do expire at the end of their promotional timeline.

Basic Lead Automation

  • A lead comes through the website
  • Their information is automatically inputted into the CRM 
  • A welcome email get sent out with the appropriate next steps 

Email Classifications

Contacts in your email provider are classified as:

  • Lead – Reached out but never got an estimate
  • Prospect – Got an estimate but never booked their project
  • Customer – Booked a project 

Workflow Automation

  • A lead gets inputted into a CRM
  • They get put into the appropriate “pipeline”
  • Get sent a series of emails to warm up the lead and facilitate processes
  • Customer information is set up in the appropriate software (Quickbooks, Trello, Asana, Company Cam, Docusign, etc)
  • Whatever needs to happen in a routine is automated 

Unlimited stages means that there is no maximum for the number of automations that can happen in a particular zap. 

In most cases, one zap can accomplish up to 10 different automations at once. This is what we mean by no limit. Other agencies sometimes specify the number of stages that can happen. 

Yes we happily work in automation managers like Pably, GoHighLevel, PipeDrive, and more! 

Yes, of course! Contact us to see a full set of templates. We even have multi-page sites available.  

If you’re curious how this template looks like with information filled in, check out some of our clients:

Paint Contractors:

Louisville Painting Company

Impact Painting Company


Doug Hand


Basic SEO does not mean your website will be ranking on the front page of Google for popular search terms. That’s an unrealistic expectation for a one-page site as the basis of SEO is content.

Basic SEO just means we’re mindful of best practices during the creation of your website. We try to optimize the site for the most basic relevant keyword and service area if possible. 

Rather than exclude SEO outright, we’re mindful of it so that way the foundation is laid for the future. 

100%! That’s why all our websites are built with Elementor and typically (not applicable during the promotion) include training sessions at launch! 

Elementor takes the simplicity of drag-and-drop editing that you can find on Squarespace & WIX making basic edits possible. 

AdWords Campaigns – Typically, these campaigns are the most effective forms of marketing that we’ve seen. Appear in front of Google Searches the moment someone is interested. 

Remarketing Campaigns – If you have enough traffic flowing through your site, we can take advantage of remarketing! 

User Experience Optimizations – Sometimes the best way to make more lemonade isn’t finding more lemons, it’s squeezing all the juice out of the lemons you do have. Boosting conversion rates of landing pages is how we accomplish this! 

SEO Optimizations – We can help either write or optimize pages/blogs on your site to increase your SEO opportunities on your website. We can also assist with GMB optimizations to increase the likelihood your profile appears. 

& More! 

Yes, but it’s not a money-back guarentee when you’re getting the discounted price. 

We’ve had a pretty exceptional track record at getting results with any marketing campaign we’ve ever built. The reason for this is the research behind everything we do. It ensures we’re focused on the right strategies. 

There are three reasons:

  1. It ensures we’re focused on the right marketing campaigns. Not every market has digital viability so it’s important to check beforehand. 
  2. Identifies the “low-hanging-fruit.” Meaning, we can find opportunities that are more cost-effective than what everyone else is paying attention to. 
  3. Showcases seasonal trends from a behavior perspective allowing us to plan when it makes sense to run marketing campaigns. 

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