Digital Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations

In the current age, understanding your digital presence is crucial for your organization. If you’re looking to stand out in a competitive market then your systems, websites, and marketing need to work seamlessly together.

What We OFfer

All Digital services one Place


CRMs, Automation Tools, Task Management, Virtual Scheduling, and a few other systems are how we can speed up your day to day work flow.


Get a customized website that showcases your work and matches your image.


If you need help booking out your calendar, there are a variety of ways we can help. We've tested every type of marketing there is so the options are endless.

The #1 Rule

Mobile First

In this digital age, it’s crucial that we step away from the term “mobile optimized” and switch it to “mobile first.”  If it’s not working on mobile, it’s a waste of money. 


System Design

Systems built around your existing workflow to improve efficiency

Web development

Customizable WordPress websites powered by Elementor

Marketing Strategy

Get helpful ideas to help encourage more referrals and repeat clients


Make sure you're staying on top of all potential clients with personalized advertisements

Email Marketing

Utilize all digital channels effectively without spamming your clients

Digital Marketing

Get more visits to your website with paid advertising on Google and social media


Search engine optimization is a non-paid way of appearing in Google searches

Local Growth Hacking

Strategies to get more out of your social media instead of just likes and follows

Data Analysis

Get the best understanding of your marketing efforts through data interpretation

Mission Focused

Support to increase donations, engage members, and build trust.

Calendar Scheduling

Make it easier to schedule appointments with clients with a calendar that syncs

Cloud Based

Get access to everything you need on any device by utilizing the cloud for your business

Proudly worked with

The Oasis Alliance

The Oasis Alliance (OA) brightens the lives of people dealing with difficult life circumstances by designing personalized spaces that encourage and accelerate recovery, growth, and mental well-being.

Coastal Elites

Preparing high schoolers for college and life, Coastal Elites help underrepresented students graduate high school with a plan of self sufficiency, financial literacy, and social development.


travel2change believes that by exploring the world, they can better it. Discover fun and impactful activities offered by local communities. Together they can transform tourism so that local communities benefit. 

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