Here are a few of the most common questions I get, Please contact me if you have any of your own

A big portion of the timeline is dependent on how quick a client can provide the copy/imagery necessary for the website. If everything is provided immediately, I can guarantee to have it built within a month.

I have a website checklist I provide for all my clients so that way we can build the best possible website right out of the gate.

I am typically booked out a month or two in advance before I can start a larger project. However, due to the nature of the work, by the time a client reaches out and when they get all their information over to me, the timing usually works out nicely. 

Because I’m a small-scale entrepreneur like you! I understand all your struggles since I probably face similar ones.

After working as a digital marketing director, I found better results working individually. The team aspect was nice for collaboration but if I can get the job done faster and better by myself why wouldn’t I just do that?

This is why I can keep my pricing extremely competitive and offer more to you as a client. 

SEO is how you appear in something like a Google Search. I’ll build a website to help your chances of being the go-to recommendation for users organically instead of paid. 

Good SEO takes a decent strategy, lots of time, and consistent content. This is why I include it for site that I’m going to manage directly.

There are a variety of marketing campaigns we can get set up. The three most popular are:

  1. Search Advertising – This is how we can get ads to show when users are specifically searching your or your competitors services.
  2. Display Advertising – These are the types of ads that appear and you go “how the hell did they know what I was thinking.” 
  3. Social Media Advertising – We can create audiences based on certain demographics and interests to get more exposure on social media.
  4. Remarketing – This is one of the most effective types of campaigns. For any user that interacts with your website but doesn’t complete a desired action like make a purchase or schedule a service. These are the ads that will follow them around for a brief period of time.

Training sessions will get you familiar with your systems, websites, and marketing. These will be recorded so you can reference them at any time. 

This is reserved for anything minor that you might need done to your site. For example changing out some text or imagery on your website. Additionally if you need some help organizing systems, most of the time these are minor edits.

This is to establish clear guidelines, as I have encountered clients who need something done every day. It is imporant to note these smaller projects do not “roll over.”

Major projects are: setting up a new paid advertsing campaign, creating/optimizing one blog post for SEO, setting up a new automation to improve workflow, an email newsletter, adding a product to your online store, or creating a new page on the website.

A good hosting provider is one of the most uncommon things mentioned about building a website but one of the most important components.

I host all my website on SiteGround because of their fantastic customer support. They’re essentially my safety net in case something ever happens with the site that’s beyond my skill set. 

Not too mention all sites hosted on there get unlimited subdomains, SSL security, speed optimization, daily backups, and email hosting!

If you’re a tattoo artist, photographer, chef,  or if  your work resonates with people. I would be happy to help you out.

At the moment I am prioritizing tattoo artists for my clientele since I always wanted to be a tattoo artist… but still can’t color in between the lines. 

At the moment, I am not as busy as I’d like to be so my schedule is open to all types of industries. 

I have a background in working with contractors of the service industry, e-commerce, and more! 

In all started in high school, when I won an online battle of the bands with no music… just through the power of social media. Later, I went to college at Hawai’i Pacific University to study surfing, I mean marketing. When I was there I got a job as a market researcher doing surveys, focus groups, and case studies. This is where I learned the importance of understanding your market as well as interpreting data correctly.

Later on, I got an internship with a non-profit called Travel-2-Change. Since it was unpaid and nobody was there in the summer, I pretty much had free reign to take on all the marketing efforts. Understanding user experience is where this was drilled in my head. It just so happened that shortly after my involvement, T2C received a $1 million grant from Hawai’i Tourism Authority. 

All throughout college, I would spend a good portion of my free time trying to go viral on the internet. I succesfully achieved this goal on platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and Soundcloud on several occasions.

When it came time to enter the real world and get a job, I drove across the country for an ad I saw on Craigslist. I met a traditional marketing genius that needed digital help with his painting business. Once I helped with that, I did the same thing for his podcasts. He taught me the importance of systems, and how that’s key for successful marketing.

This led to me becoming the digital marketing director of an agency managing a team of over 10 skilled professionals. I found it important to understand each of their jobs for redundancy and providing exceptional oversight. This is why I love digital marketing, it allows me to learn so many different things. 

I’ve fully developed skills in website design, data analysis, user experience, system development, paid advertising, social media growth hacking, and general business strategies; it’s my chance to help creative entrepreneurs take their business to the next level digitally.

Digitally Optimized Systems to Marketing when working with me but it also stands for:

DOS – Disk Operating System. Since I got familiar with technology using MS-DOS as a kid, it’s a tribute to that.

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