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I want to empower creative individuals to grow their businesses with or without my direct involvement. This page is dedicated to all the resources that I use the free versions of in my own business.

Google Is God

Google is my go to resource for anything system or marketing related. You most likely already know about GMail, Google Calendar, and Drive. Not to mention this tool specifically is the reason for most of my success. Below are a few free resources I don’t see used reguarly or properly by clients I’ve worked with in the past.

Google MyBusiness

FREE ADVERTISING is the BEST advertising. This resource is how you get shown to users nearby, just make sure to link an address!

Google Analytics

If you have a website, this is one of the most important resources for you. It gives you a better understanding of your web traffic for free.

Google AdWords

This is my favorite tool for marketing. This is how you create “how the hell did they know I was thinking about that” advertisements.

HubSpot -The Best Free CRM

A CRM is a customer relationship management tool that keeps you unbelievably organized. It breaks down people who are leads, existing customers, and who you’ve worked with in the past. Everything is one spot so you don’t have to go looking for information.

What I love most about HubSpot is how it integrates with my email. Meaning, all my communication with a client gets saved in one spot. This is extremely helpful because if I don’t talk to someone for a few months, I can just check their CRM profile and see where we left off previously.

Additionally, HubSpot has a great sales tracking component to it’s free version that makes tracking all my potential sales even easier. I can assign reminders, schedule meetings, and so much more through it. 

Mailchimp - Email Marketing

The free version of Mailchimp is somewhat limited but it gets the job done perfectly. Email marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest way to get more work. People just need reminders every now and then that you exist, just don’t spam them with unnecessary crap! 


Later is great for scheduling all your posts out in advance to create a cohesive scheme.

However, the problem I see is that entrepreneurs don’t know how to use social media effectively to grow their businesses. Instead they’re only focused on getting more followers, which has no use unless you’re global.

Revolutionary Tech - AI

“Tap into the power of artificial intelligence with our digital marketing assistant, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. Here to assist you round the clock, our AI is designed to provide tailored insights, recommendations, and even generate catchy slogans to boost your brand.

Your questions and concerns about your digital marketing strategies will never go unanswered. Whether you need help understanding SEO tactics, building engaging content, or exploring new ways to reach your audience, our AI assistant has got you covered.

No canned responses or generic advice – this assistant utilizes cutting-edge machine learning to provide customized solutions and innovative strategies. Step into the future of digital marketing today.”

Rod (my personal AI, I’ve been training on ChatGPT)

Website Platform Market Share

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Wordpress is the industry standard for websites but what it lacks the most is a user friendly experience.


Elementor utilizes the same drag and drop style editor as Wix or Squarespace making WordPress easy to use. There's a free/pro version!


Get the ability to charge clients directly on your WordPress site for products or services. This way you don't have to pay for any extra transaction fees.

View My Modern Website Design Guide

I created a website design guide for the DIY creative entrepreneurs out there. Hopefully, these tips and options provide useful insight in building your own website. I’ll be happy to offer any advice if you need any, just reach out anytime!

Schedule Appointments Easily

Calendar software simplifies your workflow dramatically and reduce friction for your clients. There’s no bigger waste of time than going back and forth to schedule a time. Ideally, you want to collect payment and schedule it in the moment of their purchasing decisions. 

Paired with WooCommerce you can get around the premium features needed to collect payment with these ones mentioned. Additionally, everything can sync with your Google Calendar so that way you’re not double booked. With automation you can send reminders without having to anything. 


My personal favorite of all the options is Calendly, it’s the most robust option for the free versions.  It’s also got the best paid plan if you need more features.


Most likely, your CRM will have a calendar feature. Since I use Hubspot to track client data, this calendar works nicely for my existing clientele.


If you’re like me and trying to get the most bang for your buck, utilizing three free calendars is better than paying for one every month. 

So much time gets lost running your business’s day to day tasks. The most frustrating part is that these minor, time consuming tasks are pretty simple. This could be anything like adding clients to an email list, sending followups to upcoming appointments, or creating to do lists based on certain client stages. 

Zapier is an amazing free tool to make things easier for you. This connects all the systems I mentioned above into one cohesive atmosphere. Unfortunately, the free version is pretty limited in it’s capabilities. But if you see the value, this will save you the money of hiring a virtual assistant to do the same kind of jobs. 

Zapier -Stop Copying & pasting

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