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Landing Pages For SEO

When building landing pages for SEO. there is a lot you have to consider for it to be done effectively. There’s on-page and off-page SEO that are just as important as one another.

SEO is not a quick solution for your advertising. It is a long-term digital marketing strategy to bring consistent organic traffic to your site. 

Search Engine Optimization


Page Performance

Landing pages for SEO need to have a reliable page speed and working mobile experience.

Keyword Optimizations

Everything from your title, content structure, meta description, and more needs to include your keyword.

Content Relevancy

Just throwing a keyword on the page won't work for SEO, your content has to be relevant to your targeted keywords.

difference between on and off page optimizations when it comes to landing pages for seo


Domain Authority

SEO is like one big popularity contest. Your domain authority is how popular you are on the web.


Backlinks are a crucial component to domain authority, these are other sites that link to your website.


Citations are a form of backlinks that are connected to your business's details. These are crucial for local-based services.

What I Use To Build
Landing Pages For SEO

A keywords planner tool is always your starting point when building landing pages for SEO. This is because you need to know if your keywords are getting enough searches to warrant SEO. Additionally, this is how you will identify which keywords have the best opportunity to rank highest.

Google Keyword Planner

  • (Technically Free) If you’re paying for ads there is more info available
  • Excellent for targeting certain locations


  • A great starting point for generating keyword ideas

It’s important to keep in mind when building a website, how well the platform works for SEO. Certain page builders like WIX or Squarespace are great starting out but might not be best in the long term for SEO. 


  • This is the industry standard when it comes to CMS platforms
  • Lots of free plugins available for a variety of needs


  • Although there are a lot of page builders available to choose from, Elementor is by far my favorite
  • Integrates seamlessly with my RankMath plugin for SEO

A free SEO plugin is mandatory when building a website on WordPress. This is how you can ensure you’re properly doing on-page SEO. 


  • My favorite SEO plugin because it’s a little more intuitive compared to Yoast
    • Yoast was a tool I used for a while but the great thing about RankMath is you can import your Yoast settings
  • Generates sitemaps to make indexing your site easier
  • Best on-page SEO suggestions when it comes to keyword optimizations and content relevancy
  • Variety of other important SEO tools in free version

If you want to analyze your SEO performance beyond Google Analytics, Google Search Console is built specifically for SEO. 

Google Search Console

  • Submit your sitemaps to Google’s crawlers
  • Monitor your SEO performance
  • Notifies you if there are any issues on your page

Be aware, most of these tools are not free but do offer great trial periods or basic plans. 

How I Optimize My SEO

Using data to optimize your landing pages is the trusted and reliable method of optimizing landing pages. (If they are set up properly)

Seeing how users interact with your site is immensely valuable. Instead of asking your friend to check out your website, utilize actual visitors to see what they do.

Get a full understanding of what leads became customers by integrating your CRM with your website. Personally, I use:

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