Digital Optimizations For Tattoo Artists

Great tattoos tell a story, and your digital presence should do the same. It’s not just about drawing the right crowd to your chair, it’s about leveraging technology to minimize all the headaches that come with running a business.

What We OFfer

All Digital services one Place


Streamline your workflow and boost productivity: CRMs that engage, Automation Assistants that execute, Task Management that anticipates, Scheduling that syncs seamlessly, and Text Reminders to keep everything on track.


Craft a website that's as unique as your designs, mirroring your style and showcasing your portfolio. Let's also add a storefront to boost your potential revenue selling merchandise!


Struggling to fill your calendar? Let's change that. With a toolbox of tried-and-true marketing tactics at our disposal, we've got endless ways to book your days solid. We're also like... the only agency specialized in this industry so it's pretty easy to see results.

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Schedule a consultation to go over your business and you’ll get a customized set of recommendations to help improve your digital presence!

We promise not to make this a sales pitch, we’re weird like that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dive into any other industry when the tattoo world is this rad? 

1) Many tattoo artists are wizards with a needle but lost in the digital maze. That’s where we come in.

2) We’re in a league of our own. With zero competition in our niche, we make seeing results look as easy as drawing an infinty symbol. 

3) This business started as a result from constantly giving out advice during tattoo appointments and you know what they say. If you’re good at something, you shouldn’t do it for free. 

We’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it. Tattoos are our passion, digital optimization is our art, and we’re here to blend the two like no other.

Typically we’re booked out two-three months out in advance. Rushed projects are an additional 25% upcharge. 

1) We only believe in what’s best for your business.

-No contracts
-You get 100% ownership of anything we work on for you
-Results guaranteed or your money back
-We decline work if we don’t feel like we’re the best fit 

2) Being at the forefront of digital tactics

-We teach industries the best practices
-We are the innovators, not the followers of digital strategies

3) Most importantly, no trickery

-This is something we’re adamant about! We will let you know if we did something and it’s not working as intended 
-Our reports feature legitimate analysis and feedback instead of generated numbers
-We operate dramatically different than any other agency in order to be transparent with our clients 

Fun fact: pricing pages are the #1 way to get someone to leave your website. So we’re not giving you any detailed information until you reach out. 

We’re priced quite affordably for the level of service we offer but unfortunately, this can be higher for budgets of artists just starting out. 

Tattooers are awful with technology, like seriously. Most of our projects are just the basics of setting up a system to keep track of clients’ contact info. The purpose this serves is to remarket to them in the future for repeat appointments or encouraging word of mouth. The additional benefit is keeping track of your tasks and having a dashboard to monitor financials. 

There are endless possibilities though, that’s just scratching the surface. We can have users autonomously schedule appointments and leave deposits that are automatically tracked in such a system. 

With technology, you can focus most of your attention on the actual designs instead of the business crap. 

Yes! You can visit our portfolio page to see some examples of different websites but our most recent design was Rivers To Roads.

Something to note about our websites is that we’re happy to use a pre-existing template, create something unique, or even replicate a design you like elsewhere.  

On top of that, we include a training session with every website purchase that’s recorded and shared with you so that way you understand how to navigate the back end and make simple adjustments to it. 

We build all our sites on Elementor which is ideal because it allows our web designer to feel limitless while at the same time being easy enough for you to make those simple adjustments to keep it up-to-date. 

In the realm of tattoo marketing, we’re often the sole experts, which translates to clear results for our clients. Our approach is rooted in straightforward practices, yet we never shy away from creative solutions.

Case in point: a recent email campaign we launched—completely free within the existing system—invited previous customers to vote in a ‘Best Of’ contest. We also highlighted the option for virtual bookings. The outcome? A fully booked calendar, about $5k in deposit income, and a victory in the contest, all within a day practically.

This strategy not only set our client apart from the competition but also funded our services and generated additional revenue through an untapped marketing channel.

That’s just a glimpse of what we can do. We’ll provide you with your own customized set of recommendations in a strategy session. 



Automations built around your existing workflow to minimize headaches.

Web development

The "Hattori Hanzō" of web design. Websites custom tailored to you.

Digital Marketing

Expertise in all paid and organic marketing strategies to ensure the right focus.

System Design

Figure out the best tech for your business from a certified nerd!

Calendar Scheduling

Scheduling doesn't need to be complicated anymore


Search engine optimization is a non-paid way of appearing in Google searches

Data Analysis

Get the best understanding of your marketing efforts through data interpretation rather than numbers

Virtual Stores

Maximize your potential for revenue by selling merchandise

Growth Hacking

Get more out of your social media instead of just likes and follows

Cloud Based

Get access to everything you need on any device by utilizing the cloud for your business

Email Marketing

Utilize free marketing effectively without spamming your clients


Make sure you're staying on top of all potential clients with personalized advertisements


Need to know if your existing agency is doing what you're paying them for?

Pay Per Click

Get in front of the people who are in the moment of their purchasing decisions

And More!

I offer a variety of expertise in systems, websites, and marketing for your business

Like Seriously Don't Forget To

Claim Your Free Strategy Session [$1000 Value]

Schedule a consultation to go over your business and you’ll get a customized set of recommendations to help improve your digital presence!

We promise not to make this a sales pitch, we’re weird like that.

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