Tyler LaChapelle

It all began in high school when I clinched an online battle of the bands without any actual music, leveraging just the might of social media. I pursued my college education at Hawai’i Pacific University to study surfing… I mean marketing. I worked part time as a market researcher during college, conducting surveys, focus groups, and case studies, honing my skills in market understanding and data interpretation.

My journey continued with an internship at a non-profit, travel2change, where an unpaid position and a deserted office in the summer gave me the liberty to spearhead marketing initiatives. It was here that the significance of user experience became ingrained in me, coinciding with travel2change receiving a $1 million grant from the Hawai’i Tourism Authority shortly after my involvement.

College also saw me dedicating substantial time to achieving sub-viral fame on the internet, a feat I accomplished on platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and Soundcloud multiple times.

Post-college, I ventured across the country for a role I discovered via a Craigslist ad. I met a marketing savant in the traditional sphere who required digital assistance for his painting business. After aiding him, I applied similar strategies to his podcasts. He instilled in me the critical role of systems in marketing success.

This mentor later entrusted me with leading a digital marketing agency tailored for painting contractors, a pivotal opportunity that facilitated hands-on learning and overcoming diverse challenges.

Today, I’ve mastered website design, data analysis, user experience, system development, paid advertising, social media growth hacking, and business strategy development. DOS-M represents my avenue to empower creative entrepreneurs to elevate their digital presence and business.

Later on, I got an internship with a non-profit called travel2change. Since it was unpaid and nobody was there in the summer, I pretty much had free reign to take on all the marketing efforts. Understanding user experience is where this was drilled in my head. It just so happened that shortly after my involvement, T2C received a $1 million grant from Hawai’i Tourism Authority. 

All throughout college, I would spend a good portion of my free time trying to go viral on the internet. I succesfully achieved this goal on platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and Soundcloud on several occasions.

When it came time to enter the real world and get a job, I drove across the country for an ad I saw on Craigslist. I met a traditional marketing genius that needed digital help with his painting business. Once I helped with that, I did the same thing for his podcasts. He taught me the importance of systems, and how that’s key for successful marketing.

This same boss and mentor gave me the opportunity to run a digital marketing agency specifically built for painting contractors and it was one the greatest opportunities. I was paid to learn as I went,  and was able to handle everything that was thrown at me. 

I’ve fully developed skills in website design, data analysis, user experience, system development, paid advertising, social media growth hacking, and general business strategies; it’s my chance to help creative entrepreneurs take their business to the next level digitally.

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