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If you want to design your own website, here are the most important tips we can recommend.

With more than half of the internet browsing on mobile devices nowadays we have to prioritize the mobile experience above all else. Too often websites are built to be extravagant on desktop and leave a lot to be desired on the mobile experience. 

Keeping this #1 rule in mind with your website design is key to building a successful website. You don’t want users to leave because your site isn’t optomized for mobile. 

This is one of the most common mistakes I see working with clients. They have a beautiful website but aren’t tracking how users interact within it.

Something like a Google Analytics Tag or Facebook Pixel is the bare minimum for tracking data on your site. Make sure it’s set up correctly though!

The sad reality of website data is that users will spend very little time on your site. If a website is designed poorly you’ll see a high amount of exits immediately. Even the best websites have a fairly high bounce rate.

This is why tracking data is so important, it allows you to identify your site’s weakspots and improve accordingly. Constant little improvements are how the best sites are made.

With a variety of websites for users to interact with the main objective is to be the most credible and trustworthy option available. This can be done through a variety of ways like:

  • Showcasing your own images rather than stock photography
  • Utilizing a professional website design template
  • Showing your face in a photo or video
  • Providing testimonials

They say nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever. These sayings are especially true for websites. Since there are a multitude of devices and browsers to view a website on. Occasionally, something will look great on the device/browser the website design was built on but will look entirely different elsewhere.

Additionally, how you interact with a website might be entirely different from the way someone else does. If you can watch people interact with your site in person, there’s a lot more you’ll see happen besides looking at data.

Three Website Builders Compared

How to choose where to build a website.


WordPress is the industry standard when it comes to website design. It is the most customizable of the three options but has the biggest learning curve to it. Additionally, you'll need to purchase a reliable option for hosting.


WIX is how I built my first site because of how easy it was to use. This is still the case and offers some unique features all integrated in one spot. It truly is an one-in-all solution for websites.


Squarespace has slightly less features than WIX but it does everything better in my opinion. There's slightly more customization and options available but not as much as WordPress has.


Digitally Optimized Systems to Marketing is an agency that helps creative entrepreneurs through a variety of digital aspects. Whether that is developing an automated workflow, designing a website, or creating a marketing campaign. There’s a variety of ways DOS-M can help. 


Virtual systems simplify your workflow by automating basic tasks.


Websites are the new standard nowadays, it's a sign of professionalism.


There's more to marketing than just being on social and having a website.

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